Learn To Code

Level Description

Learn to Code level is intended for students who have obtained the Coding Spring Level. This level aims to teach students how to make Websites using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, learn to create and develop Apps as well as build and develop Websites. They will also learn the basics of robot design and create Desktop Applications using Python. Our students will become a programmer—someone who not only uses computers but also controls them. Once they learn to program, they can bend computers to their will and make them do whatever they want.

Through this level students will:

Level Outline

Tracks No.Hours
1- Intro To Programming
30 Hours
2- Jr Story Builder
12 Hours
3- Jr 2D Game Builder
14 Hours
4- Graphic
10 Hours
5- Montage
14 Hours

1- Intro to Robotics

16 Sessions

2- Intro to Mobile app building

16 Sessions

3- Website building+HTML+HTML5

16 sessions


12 Sessions

5- Java script

25 Sessions

6- Python

35 Sessions

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